Life…It Sucks

It’s been well over a year since I’ve posted here. Life in general has been one whammy after another and it never seems I’m going to ever get back on track. Now that I think about it life doesn’t suck…it’s a damn cock tease. Let me explain…

Just when I believe things have settled down and the remains of chaos have blow away in the wind…well here we go again with the insanity. Life seemed far simpler when I was younger or maybe I was oblivious to the crazy. Maybe I thrived on it. Who the hell knows? I don’t know that’s for sure, but I’m going to try yet again to get my shit together.

And cock teasers be damned.



Random Words 01

I’ve decided to experiment by letting myself relax and simply write words. How long or often I’ll do this I don’t know. It was suggested to me by a friend.

Random Words 01

-See-the-beauty-in-the-blood-vampires-19624453-1042-768Dust motes dancing in moonlight white as a virgin rose, drawn to blood crisp and red as an autumn apple. They all die eventually. One by one they drop away from the earth as withered leaves from a tree in preparation for the coming winter.

They sink into rich, black soil no matter their mortal existence. Seeking to return to the mud from whence they emerged.

Ashes to ashes…

Dust to dust…