2010 Eternal (Free-Read)

Cover Art © 2010 Jesse Fox

35 Pages  – Free Read (.PDF File Only)

Download HERE

Warning: Adult Content Must be 18 Years of Age to Read; Explicit Sexual Content Between Two Consenting Men of Age


Two men, one mortal, and the other immortal seek to end their lives on a night when humanity celebrates love. One haunted by the past and the other by the present. When one is saved from death, an ancient secret is revealed. A secret that tells the truth of a man who was betrayed by all he held dear. Their pain draws them together, but they are bound by something far greater.

Love survives and sometimes one lifetime is not enough.


Long ago, he’d possessed faith in a higher being. His life swore in service to his god he’d known without doubt that he’d done the right thing. That was before he realized that although God might be the ultimate force of good, his representatives on earth were far from it.

Along the rooftop, he paced, preternatural eyes searching out the stars that humans couldn’t see through the clouds. He allowed his mind to drift back into those memories he’d hidden deep within his psyche. Memories of a life he’d rather forget for in that life he’d found love, lost love, and discovered himself resurrected in this damnable form.

He stopped suddenly as he caught a scent that he’d not savored in nearly 1800 years. Through the darkness, he glided, his head lifted as he sniffed the air, following a trail of invisible pheromones. The impossibility of its existence bewildered and frightened him. At the edge of the roof, he glanced down at the street below, searching for the source of his fear and…

Hope, he thought.

It had been so long since he’d felt that particular emotion. On the day, hidden in shadow, he’d watched the one he’d loved unconditionally laid to eternal rest hope had withered. That night he’d stolen into the crypt where his lover lay and wept as a child. Those who believed creatures such as he could not feel were fools.

Legs folded beneath him on the cold stone, arms draped over the engraved lid, he’d begged his god to return his lover. His eyes filled with tears that swelled over lush dark lashes to leave trails of crimson on ashen skin. He recalled lifting a hand to wipe away the moisture tainted with the blood he needed to consume. Staring at the liquid, he’d decided to say his good-byes in the only way he knew how. Fingertips pressed against rough stone he’d drawn the symbol he’d come to know as both that of his love and a reminder of the curse his people had placed upon him. That image would terrify those who betrayed him, but comfort those who had stood by him when discovered the next day.

A heart painted in blood.

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