Random Words 01

I’ve decided to experiment by letting myself relax and simply write words. How long or often I’ll do this I don’t know. It was suggested to me by a friend.

Random Words 01

-See-the-beauty-in-the-blood-vampires-19624453-1042-768Dust motes dancing in moonlight white as a virgin rose, drawn to blood crisp and red as an autumn apple. They all die eventually. One by one they drop away from the earth as withered leaves from a tree in preparation for the coming winter.

They sink into rich, black soil no matter their mortal existence. Seeking to return to the mud from whence they emerged.

Ashes to ashes…

Dust to dust…

Original Flash Fic – In the Shadows

She lays on her back in the darkness, silk strands of silence cocooning her in comfort. There is no sound beyond the muffled murmur of the rain outside the curtained window. It is only in the shadows she can release the pain she feels every hour she is awake in the daylight.

Tears burn the rim of her lashes. They scream to be released. Ache in her chest a dull pulse of air fighting to be expelled. A part of her struggles against it, wrestling, pushing back as if it is a wild beast composed of flesh and bone rather than emotions buried deep within her fragile soul.

In sunlight she wears a mask of strength and endurance. She inspires those she loves with humor and common sense. They see nothing beyond the mask.

But here she shatters. Here she cries out for the love she has never experienced, friendship she dreams of, and the end to the solitude.

Here she dreams of a better life.

Here in the shadows.