Reviewers Praise Jesse Fox

What reviewers are saying about author Jesse Fox’s work.

**Eternal (free-read) – Released March 2010**

For a paranormal story Eternal comes across as very contemporary and, even somewhat, real. I think it’s the connection between the heroes. All I can say is that for any fans of Jesse Fox, this is a must-read.

Kathy Kozakewich @ Yin and Yang Reviews

**Samhain’s Embrace (novella) – Released October 2009**

Jesse Fox creates this beautiful tapestry that weaves the past and present with magic and tradition. The story is like a dance going though the stages of grief that we experience when we lose a loved one.

5 Tarot Cards & Reviewer’s Top Pick from Jes L’Heureux @ The Pagan & the Pen


Jesse Fox writes frankly about sex, but the blunt English words never break the spell of Celtic magic. Emotions in this tale run deep; don’t be surprised if it brings a tear to your eye. And it should, for this is the stuff of the human soul, the raw material from which timeless legends are born.

4.5 Stars from Erin Schmidt @ Rainbow Reviews

**Blood Noir (Novel) – Released July 2009**

Blood Noir entertains. Jesse Fox writes with confidence, developing characters brimming with life, telling a story with more curves than a corkscrew and enough suspense to keep you madly turning pages. Add in some erotic male on male romance and a dark mystery and, not surprisingly, you have something unique to offer the reading public.

Clayton Bye @


An excellent mystery, Blood Noir by Jesse Fox is one of those books where you have to be careful not to spill all its secrets. The fast-paced story keeps you enthralled from the beginning and while the author lets you know who the bad guy is, you really do not know who the bad guy is.

5 Nymphs from Critter Nymph @ Literary Nymph Reviews


This is by far one of the best books I have ever read. Written with great insight, I literally could not put it down. Blood Noir is a solidly written story with depth, intensity and strength much akin to that of James Patterson and Dan Brown.

4.5 Tarots from Rie McGaha @ The Pagan & The Pen

**Le Jardin de la Lumiere (Novella) – Released August 2008**

I found this work to be touching and heartwarming as well as heart rending at times. We’ve all been in a similar position, as Ryan is in. We’ve all had our hearts broken so badly we aren’t sure we can ever trust again. And we all have to figure out how to move on and get over the hurt and let others past the walls we put up to protect ourselves.

4.25 Stars from Angi @ Night Owl Romance


This is a beautiful story filled with romance, mystery and mythology. The descriptions used seduced my imagination and charmed my heart. The passions and emotions mix well with the touches of humor.

5 Cups from Kimberly & Awarded the CTRR Reward

Coffee Time Romance & More


I think everyone has experienced some level of betrayal ~ the kind that feels like it cuts you to the core. So, it was easy to identify with Ryan and his fear of never being able to overcome the grief. Anyone that has had this type of experience knows it takes time to heal; I liked that the author respected this journey and that there were no easy answers ~ just like in life.

4 Stars from Matthew @ Rainbow Reviews

**Shadows Beneath (Novel) – Released April 2008**

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys dark paranormal romance, and especially to those readers who enjoy Gothic romance like the old Dark Shadows television show.  The author has a very poetic style.  Some of the imagery in the book is absolutely breathtaking.  And of course, the hot m/m sex scenes are a definite bonus!

4.5 Delightful Divas from Dark Diva Reviews


A fascinating intrigue in which spirits and love clash across the narrow divide of life, death, and time, Shadows Beneath explores a paranormal venue in which reincarnation and possession can cross gender lines.

5 Stars from PermaFrost @ Rainbow Reviews


Jesse Fox knows how to tug at the heart with the stories of Sara and Quentin and Tristan and Jake while at the same time crafting one heck of a supernatural thriller that has character development and a plot that will keep you guessing.

4 Tombstones from Sarai @ Bitten by Books


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